evequesOn Tuesday October 8th our diocesan Church was witness to an extraordinary religious event,  the ordination of our new bishop, Msgr Valéry Vienneau.

It was a unique Church experience with the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, along with many archbishops, bishops, priests, members of the religious communities, civil dignitaries, and persons from our diocese as well as from outside.The celebration was presided by our former bishop, Msgr André Richard, c.s.c., Archbishop of Moncton and Metropolitan of the ecclesial province of New Brunswick. Msgr Richard was assisted by Msgr François Thibodeau, Bishop of Edmundston and Msgr Faber MacDonald, Bishop of Saint John.

The homily was given by Msgr Donat Chiasson, Archbishop Emeritus of Moncton, and the participation of the youth in the spirit of World Youth Day in Toronto was particularly notable.  Their presence contributed greatly to making the celebration joyful and festive.

We compliment and congratulate all those responsible for the success of this tremendous challenge, in preparing for such a celebration at the KC Irving Centre, while maintaining an atmosphere of prayer and reverence.  The organizers brought together innovations, the participation of the youth, and the rituals of the celebration without losing touch with the traditions of the Church liturgy.  It was touching to see so many gifts employed in the service of our diocesan Church.

We can readily say that with such a spirit filled celebration, the episcopacy of Msgr Vienneau has a wonderful beginning.  It is now up to us to continue with him in our respective ministries.  We assure him of our solidarity, support, and prayer.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will continue to build the Kingdom of God in the midst of our beautiful diocesan Church, a Kingdom of Peace, Joy and Justice.

As baptized Christians, it is incumbent upon us in a spirit of communion and co-responsibility, to search for the signs of the times in order to discern what the Spirit is saying to our diocesan Church at the beginning of the new millennium.

P. Wesley Wade, Vicar General

Translated by: Fr G. Culligan