Merry Christmas! Happy and Holy Year 2005!

My Dear People,

Throughout  Advent in our Churches, we have affirmed “God Is With Us”.  Every Sunday we  have tried to understand this theme by meditating on an element, a trace or a manifestation of this presence of God with us.  Each Christmas retells the account of God’s extraordinary entrance into the human family through his son Jesus.  Christmas strives to awaken us to an unparalleled reality: God makes himself present to us and wants to become flesh in us through his Word.


The more we allow God to come into our hearts, the more we experience God’s passionate love for us.  The more we allow Him into our lives the more we succeed in living his mission and his ministry, thus bringing his presence and his love to the whole world.  The more we follow Jesus’ teachings the more are we able to promote  his will among humans, and  little by little  understanding among peoples.

Dear friends, my wish is that Christmas 2004 will enable us to  provide a significant place to the Son of God in our lives that will motivate us to walk more resolutely than ever in his steps of love and service to others.  To each of you I wish a Holy Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and happiness.  May we be deeply touched by this God  who is with us!

+Bishop Valéry Vienneau

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