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Spirit of the Living God,

by a free gift of your love, your made us your children through Baptism.

Deepen our commitment to you and to your Church.

Make it so total that our lives may be a reflection of the love you have for all humanity.


Relying on your promise that you will be with your Church till the end of time,

we entrust to your loving care our diocesan pastoral project.

As members of the Church of Bathurst, give us the grace to accept in faith those changes

necessary to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us.

Give us the generosity of heart, the boldness of spirit to become involved in the service of our neighbour

with the gifts and limitations that we have in order to build together a loving community.

Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother, be with us as we strive to proclaim

the loving presence of your Son in our world.


(With the Bishop permission)

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